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Foremost in design simplicity, renowned for superb performance, Turbo XE Series surpasses other comparable fog systems in versatility, dependability and value. Its high quality components and state-of-the-art engineering principles make exceptionally durable and reliable, yet its uncomplicated design keeps it affordable and low maintenance.


Unlike other fog systems, TurboXE Foggers accept ordinary water supplies, even well or pond water without the risk of clogging. The secret is in the nozzle-free, self-flushing atomizing system that forces liquids through passageways in the fan blades, atomizing as the liquid exits the blades.


Fogger Series are as follows:


         Aquafog Turbo XE-HRSM

         Aquafog Turbo XE-CRSM








Aquafog Turbo XE-HRSM (top)

Humidifying - Recirculation - Sump Module


HRSM combines the proven, nozzle-free Turbo XE Fan with a portable recirculation tank for high volume fogging in produce storage areas. Large 18 gallon tank contains a powerful, submersible pump, which recirculates all drainage and supplies a substantial stream of liquid to the fan's atomizing head. Automatic fill feature and durable components make the HRSM ideal for extended or continuous duty humidification. Systems also include a fluid level gauge, water hose connector, on/off toggle control and an easily accessible output control valve. Reinforced construction includes sturdy, melded-in handles and a strong axle and wheels for rugged mobility. Units ship completely assembled, ready for operation and are normally delivered by common carrier.



Chemical Atomizing - Recirculation - Sump Module

Ultra-fine atomization and powerful circulation for dispersion of odor control/odor neutralizing chemicals. ORSM's compact design is ideal for demonstrations and short-term jobs, but also features connections for more permanent installation. For permanent hook-up, ORSM can be connected to a metering pump for supply of concentrated chemical, and includes a water hose, float valve connection for a continuous supply of fresh water. Low volume unit with an output range of 1-8GPH.

Equipped with oil filled pump, an inlet for a metering pump, a priming system and an output control valve calibrated at 1 GPH. Units ship by common carrier, fully assembled and ready for operation.


Aquafog Turbo XE-CRSM (top)

Chemical Atomizing - Recirculation - Sump - Module


The CRSM, low-volume pesticide applicator, can treat greenhouses up to 30,000 sq. ft. Compact, sturdy and easy to use systems are designed to operate automatically, without an operator present. A powerful circulation pump vigorously agitates the solution for added consistency even when using heavy wettable powders. Units produce billions of tiny fog particles for complete, uniform coverage and elimination of run-off. Impressive five gallon-per-hour fogging capability minimizes operating time. Loaded with features - no-clog, nozzle-free atomizing head, easily adjustable fog output valve, flow control calibration valve, priming system, oil filled pumps, fluid level gauge and timer control package. Entire construction is UV stabilized, all electrical enclosures & connections are watertight and all hardware is stainless steel. CRSMs arrive assembled and ready for operation. Normally delivered by common carrier.


Each CRSM comes equipped with a timer control.






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