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MechPro provide the industry with the the following types of couplings:




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Flange Adapters


The Aqualok range of universal flange adapters have been designed to connect pipes of various materials and outside diameters to flanges of the same or different nominal bores.
Aqualok Universal Flange Adapters cover a range of flange drillings making it compatible with Table D, Table 10, Table 16, Table 1000 and Table 1600. SuperFit universal flange adapters allow for a total angular deflection of +- 3 degrees. Now available in sizes ranging from 50mm to 200mm, the Aqualok SuperFit Universal Adapter not only incorporates Aqualok's wide range socket, but also provides for a wide range of flange drillings. Flange drillings covered by Aqualok SuperFit Universal Adapters include BS10 1962 Table D and E, BS4504 : 1989: PN 10 and Pn16, SABS1123: 1000/3 and 1600/3, ANSI B16.5/16.2 and ASA: 150lb. Aqualok Superfit Universal Adapters comply with SABS 1808-2: 1998




Mechanical Couplings

Aqualok mechanical style couplings comprise a complete range including Superfit, EasiFit, StepFit, Gripper and various others, including special couplings made to customer requirements. All mechanical style couplings are based on tried-and-tested connection principles utilising our patented rubber gaskets and bolts.





Stepped Couplings

Aqualok StepFit Couplings and Flange Adapters are designed and manufactured to fit on pipes of varying nominal bore where the pipes to be connected on either side excludes the use of the Aqualok SuperFit range. Aqualok StepFit Couplings and Flange Adapters are unique in that they provide a wide tolerance facility. Because the unique nature of the Aqualok gasket ensures very little point pressure, the need for a profile plate is negated. For sizes above 600mm, dedicated Aqualok EasiFit couplings are joined to make up the required step. Special sizes of step couplings can be made up to customer requirements.




rep clamps

Repair Couplings

The new Aqualok repair clamp provides a fast, economical means of repairing breaks, holes, cracks or other types of damage to steel, PVC, AC Pipes  and other types of rigid pipe. This clamp comes with an overlapping gasket with moulded tapered ends that provides efficient equalised sealing on the surface of any pipe within the clamp's range. The gasket has a fine waffle surface with the  resilience to easily conform to irregularities on rough pipe surfaces or in pitted areas, providing an effective seal all around the pipe.

A corrosion protected armour plate spans the opening of the lugs and is bonded flush into the gasket to prevent wrinkling in the lug area, providing even gasket pressure at all points around the full circumference of the pipe The Repair Clamp body is manufactured from high quality Stainless Steel Grade 304 or Grade 316, selected to meet the necessary corrosion resistance, flexibility and strength requirements for pressure applications.





Reducing Couplings

Aqualok SuperFit couplings are also available in a variety of reducing couplings and flange adapters to accommodate widely varying pipe sizes. We can make up reducing couplings and flange adapters to any specific customer requirements by combining our fabrication and coupling manufacturing capabilities.
We can also custom manufacture almost any special coupling or flange adapter for any specifically required pipe outside diameter up to 3500mm.





Gripper Couplings

Aqualok Gripper Couplings are the ultimate solution for the unique problems posed in polyethylene and PVC pipe installations. Complete with a machined gripper ring to resist pipe pullout, these exciting new products are easy to install, requiring minimal effort to fasten. As with all other Aqualok products, the Aqualok Gripper offers unrivalled sealing performance and eliminates the need for expensive and bulky fusion jointing or solvent welding equipment.

These products can easily be used for repairs as they don't need to be disassembled and can simply placed on the pipe and tightened. It is also not necessary to chamfer pipe ends before installation, contributing to the ease of use of these products.
Aqualok Gripper couplings are available for PVC and polyethylene pipes from 63mm to 315mm. All Aqualok Gripper couplings and flange adapters are supplied complete with a Rilsan Nylon 11 coating as standard corrosion protection.





End Caps

We manufacture SuperFit Endcaps for testing or plugging a pipe end. These endcaps come complete with a SuperFit coupling on one  end to provide for a wide range of pipe diameters. Various sockets can also be supplied upon request for testing purposes. Endcaps are available in any size.





Long Barrel Mechanical Couplings

Specials manufactures the SuperFit PLUS range of long barrel couplings for specific requirements such as HDPE pipe. A special long barrel complete with SuperFit end-rings provide ample space for pipe movement. We have successfully supplied many special couplings with long barrels etc to provide for specific customer  and/or material requirements.










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